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Please made clear that I (-fylind) is not an internet "guru", I merely want to share (while promoting - here and there) what I am learn so far about the internet marketing, and may provided some article about specific topic, review interesting product, and share what I have so far in the internet marketing.

Employees – Money Is Not The Only Inspiration

By | May 25, 2012

Tweet [Translate] How to inspire employees to perform better and continue retaining their loyalty with the company? Ask this question around and the first option may be given as to raise the pay. Is raising the salary the only method of inspiring employees? Let us look at some others that can make a difference. The […]

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7 Surprisingly Quick And Easy Ways To Feel Happier

By | April 11, 2012

Tweet [Translate] All of us have days when we’re out of sorts. You just wish you were in a better mood. You’ve had days like that, haven’t you? Perhaps you tried to get yourself into a better state of mind but struggled to achieve it. Sometimes we get stuck in our own emotional dumps and […]

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Manifest Your Dreams

By | February 14, 2012

Tweet [Translate] For each of us, the universe is different. A homeless man may view the universe as unfair, hard and tough. A rich man may view the universe as a lovely place full of luxury and pleasure. Both of them are viewing the same universe, it is just different because of their perceptions of […]

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