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Promoting your blog using the social and bookmark networks

By | November 30, 2011

Tweet [Translate] Sometimes you come up with a great blog story. You know it will drive you a lot of traffic but you have a problem. None knows about your great blog post. In order to get maximum attention you need to spread the word around. This is where the social / bookmark networks come […]

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How To Remember Things

By | November 28, 2011

Tweet [Translate] What’s the biggest problem with memory tricks? Remembering to use them, of course. There are many memory techniques that work well, but you’ll forget them when you need them most – unless you make using them a habit. So when you take the time to learn a technique, use it until it becomes […]

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Personal Power Within

By | November 25, 2011

Tweet [Translate] All of us would love to have personal power – the power to manifest our dreams, the power to remain calm and loving in the face of fear, the power to stay centered in ourselves in the face of attack. Our society often confuses personal power – “power within” – with “power over,” […]

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